Fire Cease Out

    The FCO Series consists of a synthetic container filled with a very high-quality bio-degradable water-based fire extinguishing fluid that is not harmful to humans or animals and is ozone friendly. A tube is fitted to the chamber filled with an activating agent attached to a quick burning fuse which is wrapped around the chamber. 

    As soon as the fuse comes into contact with fire, the chamber splits open with the sound of an alarm. For a couple of vital seconds, all oxygen in and around the base of fire is removed as a result of which the fire is extinguished immediately. The fire extinguishing fluid that has been transformed into steam drops the temperature immediately while the special substance forms a blanket over the base and prevents the fire from reigniting.

    This entire process happens in seconds. The synthetic remains can be collected easily and can be fully recycled. FCO Series is effective on most types of fires; Type A (combustible solids which tend to glow, like wood, paper etc), Type B (combustible liquids like petrol, diesel, grease etc) & Type C (gas and electrical fires) even if there is water, because of the process of water turning to steam, the transformation prevents conduction of electricity.

    Installation, Application and Directions for Use

    The FCO Series is a fire prevention apparatus and is meant to be used along with your existing fire extinguishers and not replace them. Never try to extinguish fire yourself. Always put yourself and others in safety by also calling your local emergency service/national alarm numbers during an outbreak of fire. FCO Series is designed to be used. Automatically as well as manually for fires both inside and outside and on all types of fires as it is electrically nonconductive. Installing FCO Series is very simple. Place FCO Series in areas which are prone to catch fire. As the product is Self-activating, it is extremely suitable for immediately fighting fires that start in unguarded areas. The FCO Series can also be used passively by mounting it in strategic points which actives automatically whenever a fire starts. The FCO. Series can also be used actively by manually rolling or throwing this product in the heart of the fire when it occurs.

    Our Products

    FCO is an Automatic & Portable Fire Extinguisher, Which acts Immediately in Fire Emergencies.

    FCO 1400 Series

    CE Certification No.-EU.IN.CE.0050-08.11

    Gross Weight – 1.5 kg. Net Weight – 1.3 kg.

    Height – 18.2 cm Diameter – 37.9 cm Width – 12 cm

    HDPE Container

    Complying to (2001/95/EC) & (94/62/EC)

    Material Compliance to En3 & 615.

    Type – Dry powder based (UL Listed Lite PA-85)

    Potassium Allophonate

    FCO 1400 Series

    CE Certification No.-EU.IN.CE.0050-08.11

    Gross Weight – 2.0 kg. Net Weight – 1.8 kg.

    Height – 20.8 cm Diameter – 37.9 cm Width – 12 cm

    HDPE Container

    Complying to (2001/95/EC) & (94/62/EC)

    Material Compliance to En3 & 615.

    Type – Dry powder based (UL Listed Lite PA-85)

    Potassium Allophonate


    Salient Features

    Automatic Activation

    Light in weight

    Compact in size


    Extremely easy to use

    Negligible installation

    Non toxic

    Not hazardous


    Ozone friendly

    Residuals 100% recyclable

    0% false alarm

    Electrically non conductive

    Give an alarm alerting you of danger

    Low clean up required

    Not harmful to humans, animals & environment

    Works on most types of fires (A, B, C)

    Works on fires inside and outside

    No maintenance required

    Any age group can activate

    5 Years warranty

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    There are several types of fire extinguishers designed for specific fire classes: Water and foam extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires (wood, paper); CO2 extinguishers are effective for electrical fires (Class C); dry powder extinguishers work well for flammable liquids and gases (Class B); wet chemical extinguishers are ideal for kitchen/cooking oil fires (Class K); and there are specialized Class D extinguishers for combustible metals. Choosing the right extinguisher involves matching the fire class with the appropriate extinguishing agent to effectively combat the specific hazard, ensuring a safe and controlled suppression of the fire.

    Fire extinguishers should undergo regular inspections and maintenance at least once a year, in compliance with local regulations and standards. Additionally, they should be visually inspected monthly to ensure accessibility, proper pressure levels, and any signs of damage or tampering. Professional servicing by certified technicians is crucial every few years or as indicated by the manufacturer to guarantee optimal performance, recharging, or replacement of components if necessary. Regular maintenance and inspections are vital to ensure that fire extinguishers are in working condition and ready to combat fires effectively when needed.

    A comprehensive fire safety plan for a commercial or residential space should include several key elements: clearly marked emergency exits with illuminated signage, regular fire drills and employee/resident training on evacuation procedures, strategically placed fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment, a robust alarm system with regular checks and maintenance, proper storage and handling of flammable materials, designated meeting points outside the building, and regular inspections and maintenance of fire suppression systems and equipment. Additionally, the plan should outline communication protocols during emergencies and provide clear guidance on contacting emergency services.

    When implementing fire safety measures in a workplace or building, adherence to local building codes, fire safety regulations, and national standards is crucial. This includes compliance with standards set by organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, and other relevant local or regional fire codes. These regulations cover various aspects such as emergency exits and routes, fire extinguisher placement and maintenance, smoke detectors and alarm systems, proper storage of flammable materials, regular fire drills and training for occupants, as well as the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems like sprinklers


    We, at FCO are committed to providing happier, safer and worry-free lives. FCO 2000 is the next generation series of fire suppression system which is light weight, compact in size and extremely easy to use. The cost-effective pricing of our products makes it possible for everyone to afford to protect themselves and their possessions from the irrecoverable damage a fire can cause to life and property.